January 8, 2020

............. and back again from the Mountains back to the River

The boomerang it seems and feeling lucky I can engage both interests as suits in the present location. A few pictures of recent work - the two bridges for crossing the Murray anabranch into Tintaldra, one road and one rail, both are modified from Laser Rail Kits beautiful and beautiful to assemble NSWGR open deck trestle, the Truss Bridge the more modified of course. The continuing work on the final part of Glenburn's city section now has suburban stabling sidings and the wooden framework in place for the Yarra River wharves. This is a simpler and less cumbersome outline for this area than the earlier incarnation but I think I can include most of the key scenic bits I would like.

December 11, 2019


.......Because again this year, make no mistake, if I have any skill in modelling it is only because it's a gift from Him.

Best wishes for the Christmas Season and the New Year in 2020.

September 25, 2019

From the River to the Mountains

One regular thought over most of "Glenburn's" life has been connecting a country branch (with some credit and respect to Bruce McLean’s connexion of Mildura and Bright) in the same 1925-35 era. The possible VR/NSWGR connection at Tintaldra was one of the hundreds of wished-for extensions, though it got a bit further with the NSWGR surveying the line down from Tumbarumba to the border crossing it seems (the Germanton/Holbrook approach doesn’t seem to have been surveyed). Having driven over the plateau down to the Murray it would have been quite something. The small mine at Pine Mountain nearby supplied flux to BHP which may have helped though the volumes were small before BHP found other sources. The VR at that time was still railheaded at Tallangatta with Cudgewa authorised but nothing further and of course that’s all that happened.

So the potential branch station is a dual-gauge VR Tintaldra as it may have been with the yard layout type a much-simplified version of that used at Oaklands. Above are a couple of artefacts including my rough initial diagram of this little extension (though will now be three roads, not four) and a map from a 1912 Sydney Morning Herald Article.
The Fluospar traffic out of "Tintaldra" (SG via NSWGR) requires a rake of opens as likely the most regular traffic. Given my era I have chosen to build these up with a mix of D and steel S wagons which will be sheeted. Having near-finished (final detail to apply post painting) the Ian Lindsay NSWGR D Wagon I'm now working to get the Redfern Models D's to better resemble the type. The base model seems Ok for my needs with most of the change in the peripherals. Above is a WIP picture of the two so far.
This shows the fit of the new section into the room, the two large baseboards at right having been assembled to provide for most of the station, and also a section for my modelling desk.

January 6, 2019

The next step is off the wharf....

Commenced work over the Christmas/New Year break on the next section of Glenburn which will resemble parts of Melbourne city rather than the suburbs. Key elements are a (reduced) Spencer St viaduct, a small section of the late Fish and general Markets and a wharf on the Yarra such as those at the previous Queens Wharf and Australia Wharf. First job are the baseboards which are done again with Marine Ply atop cedar ladder framing, back scene boards and something a bit different - a diagonal extension across the layout of the back scene to help separate the suburban from the city section - works from many but not all angles, but is the best I can do in this limited space. Some pictures of these works follow and as always, more detail of the build and Glenburn updates can be found at this Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AndrewCollierModellingHOVictorian/
Suburban "side" of the scenic break.
Scenic break before repainting and bridging.
The double track on the right will be the reduced-viaduct, the lower section the wharf and ahead in the distance the extension toward the Mid Circle Line 

December 16, 2018


.......Because again this year, make no mistake, if I have any skill in modelling it is only because it's a gift from Him.

Best wishes for the Christmas Season and the New Year in 2019.

November 25, 2018

3 Years between ermmm "Drinks"

As mentioned in my post a few posts ago but now a few years ago, I had decided to cease this and my other sites/blogs as Facebook was more discussional (not a real word, but it's easier to converse there...). Still true, but I have also realised that a site is perhaps a useful record, and can be more easily navigated for content by anyone interested. As such I am back to updating it now and again. For the time between then and now, here's a few things that went on.....

The move of room removed two previous areas of the layout - the cutting to the Charity Street bridge, and Deepdene Yard - neither would fit properly in the new space so had to be scrapped. Below then are some scenes that can no longer be replicated.

The layout however has been fully rebuilt and is running again in its new abode, a fairly recent shot below showing some of the re-arrangements and additions the new room made possible.

I was able to recycle much of the previous Charity Street area and use it to negotiate this corner on the Dn side of Glenburn Station (it used to be on the Up side of Glenburn), and also include an exit to a branch therein allowing for extension of the layout beyond the large Glenburn loop to many branch locations. The below shots show this relocated area:

And there were a couple of Christmases which I graced with my usual very average artwork as below.

Apart from 3-4 months where the layout was being rebuilt into its new location, t5rains have continued to run on Glenburn as they have since 2008, some of those during this time are below.

Above is Mark Tregoning's beautiful D2 with original tender on a visit during 2018.

And finally, a new section has been added, this approximating the Riversdale Rd and like crossings in the area, various pictures during the build and after completion are following.

December 14, 2015


.......Because again this year, make no mistake, if I have any skill in modelling it is only because it's a gift from Him.

Best wishes for the Christmas Season and New Year in 2016.

November 30, 2015

Some Wandering

Regular followers may have picked up the absence from this Blog, initially to take a break from public modeling, but after encouragement from valued modeling friends, continuing via my Facebook group where there is far more scope for open discourse - much more interesting to me than just one way comms. The group is here and you're very welcome to join:

User Warning: Not all discussion and modeling on the FB group is VR interwar, you have been warned.

So, just posting up a couple of happenings during the year that were more fully covered there:

Trains kept running on Glenburn, though of late this has gone into stasis for the reasons outlined below regarding the change in location.

 As may be evident, I'm a fan of ground-level-as-you-were-there modeling photography, but occasionally an overhead is useful. Here 1100 has pulled up just in time to avoid overrunning the "end of wires" marker (in white) and has pulled back slightly to allow the shunter to uncouple.

A running session that included new visitor Bill Bolton saw him stretching his black E's legs on Glenburn providing the rather rare scene above of three of VR's finest. Bill's is the single loco with still red buffer beam.

A very kind gift from Phil Dunn of his exquisitely researched and produced Auscision  L class enabled some VR blue and gold to be seen under wires. Typically I only use later liveries for the cleaning train as, frankly, there's quite enough blue & gold getting around. But for this piece of modeling goodness an exception had to be made!

And finally, an overview of the "Cudgewa Room" as present, but soon not to be. A growing family means "Glenburn" will need to be relocated to a new room to be built next year. So this will change. The dimensions of the new room are close but not exact and hence I will need to either lengthen or cut/shut "Glenburn". As such I have stopped further scenic work pending - no point building out only to then break it up.

March 5, 2015

107M, 137M, 12AT, 24D

News reached Sydney of a fire at Newport where the nearly completely restored 4 car Swing Door set was stored, and reports seem to indicate they may be damaged beyond repair.

I have never seen these motors/coaches however in the early days of Glenburn I called the Clark brothers for some guidance on Swing Doors. They were generous of course, and it was appreciated and encouraging. No right minded rail enthusiast likes to lose a historic rail asset, but my thoughts are foremost for them and all others involved in the restoration of these items over the years. At the least, facing the rebuild will be very tough, at the worst facing a loss will be harder.

January 4, 2015

Some workings of a Holiday

Has been a while since I have posted a video of workings on Glenburn, more of this medium having been put on the Facebook page. I had a bit of fun with Video Editor and some holiday workings over the last few days so thought to post it here. One thing about close up video, it shows up any flaws!
Nb. The A2 has not been commissioned yet hence it remains lit/has no plates/detailing/weathering but could not resist lining it up for this kind of working.

Click here:  http://youtu.be/X49AtuMt0oY

Or on the arrow below:

December 14, 2014


.......Because again this year, make no mistake, if I have any skill in modelling it is only because it's a gift from Him.

Best wishes for the Christmas Season and New Year in 2015.

November 9, 2014

The yard shall not remain nameless.

Since building, I have been undecided what to call the main (primarily goods) yard on the layout. Location doesn't help as depending on the traffic passing through it it represents Melbourne Yard, outer suburban destinations, country destinations, in fact anywhere trains start or end. "The Yard" or "The Main Yard" lacked any effort, so I delved into my Melbourne time and named it Deepdene Yard. No relation at all with the prototype location other than happy days spent in the area many many years ago. The yard will have two boxes controlling each departure/approach line, and first up was Deepdene B Box. Some pictures follow as do a couple taken over recent days following near completion of the scenery in the area around this box, all except the wiring which is underway as I write.....almost. For now, a treat for the steam buffs with clear skies.

As is now tradition, details of these developments can be found on my Facebook group if you are interested further: