September 25, 2019

From the River to the Mountains

One regular thought over most of "Glenburn's" life has been connecting a country branch (with some credit and respect to Bruce McLean’s connexion of Mildura and Bright) in the same 1925-35 era. The possible VR/NSWGR connection at Tintaldra was one of the hundreds of wished-for extensions, though it got a bit further with the NSWGR surveying the line down from Tumbarumba to the border crossing it seems (the Germanton/Holbrook approach doesn’t seem to have been surveyed). Having driven over the plateau down to the Murray it would have been quite something. The small mine at Pine Mountain nearby supplied flux to BHP which may have helped though the volumes were small before BHP found other sources. The VR at that time was still railheaded at Tallangatta with Cudgewa authorised but nothing further and of course that’s all that happened.

So the potential branch station is a dual-gauge VR Tintaldra as it may have been with the yard layout type a much-simplified version of that used at Oaklands. Above are a couple of artefacts including my rough initial diagram of this little extension (though will now be three roads, not four) and a map from a 1912 Sydney Morning Herald Article.
The Fluospar traffic out of "Tintaldra" (SG via NSWGR) requires a rake of opens as likely the most regular traffic. Given my era I have chosen to build these up with a mix of D and steel S wagons which will be sheeted. Having near-finished (final detail to apply post painting) the Ian Lindsay NSWGR D Wagon I'm now working to get the Redfern Models D's to better resemble the type. The base model seems Ok for my needs with most of the change in the peripherals. Above is a WIP picture of the two so far.
This shows the fit of the new section into the room, the two large baseboards at right having been assembled to provide for most of the station, and also a section for my modelling desk.

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