October 13, 2009

Protection from the elements.

The temporary (well, 50 odd years....) protection for passengers exiting the South side of Glenferrie and Auburn station has been built for Glenburn per the VR's plans.

October 6, 2009

The Wall & Thank You Ada

Have commenced work on the Up (South) side of Glenburn station. Knowing that the Box Hill line would one day be tripled, VR kept this side of both Glenferrie and Auburn stations in this state from their building until the triplication. I have'nt found too many pictures that clearly show this side, however it is clear from plans such as that below what the layout was. This overall look will be replicated on Glenburn.

Non-existence of photographic record is a fact of life for modelling this era, however some sources do exist. In 1934 a gifted Melbourne artist placed her easel down, probably in the original (now) Swinburne University building and painted the following brilliant composition which is an excellent source of both detail and colour (Note that the scenery to be emplaced will cover up much of the base of the Dn end of the foundation wall).

(Courtesy & Copyright State Library of Victoria)

Sincere thanks to the late Ada May Plante.