November 9, 2014

The yard shall not remain nameless.

Since building, I have been undecided what to call the main (primarily goods) yard on the layout. Location doesn't help as depending on the traffic passing through it it represents Melbourne Yard, outer suburban destinations, country destinations, in fact anywhere trains start or end. "The Yard" or "The Main Yard" lacked any effort, so I delved into my Melbourne time and named it Deepdene Yard. No relation at all with the prototype location other than happy days spent in the area many many years ago. The yard will have two boxes controlling each departure/approach line, and first up was Deepdene B Box. Some pictures follow as do a couple taken over recent days following near completion of the scenery in the area around this box, all except the wiring which is underway as I write.....almost. For now, a treat for the steam buffs with clear skies.

As is now tradition, details of these developments can be found on my Facebook group if you are interested further: