September 14, 2013

Running to Stand Still.

I realised I haven't included too many shots of regular operations on the layout recently so here's some pictures taken over the last week or so of regular running, nothing special here.

Two pictures of D4 277 serving duty as yard shunter, here waiting to push back into the yard for more work.

A city bound Parcels Coach hurries past a D1 on a long No.17 Dn Goods.

An up City bound swing door set crosses 1100 outward bound on No.21 Suburban Goods.

1100 is later seen about to  shunt Qualmann's siding.

An E train headed by a typical M-AM combination rockets out through the suburbs.

A D1 at speed on a short Dn Goods.

Up Parcels Coach pauses briefly at Glenburn opposite the Goods elevator.

Two pictures of an E class pushing hard on a long string of wagons shunting into the Main Yard.

A city bound goods passes a Tait set on a Dn Passenger paused at Glenburn.

Z van trailing one of the goods workings.