August 13, 2010

One scratchbuild looks at some others....

Louise holds up Rachel (5 months) for a spot of trainspotting - swing door set zooms into Glenburn

Up side of Glenburn

Work has started on building out the suburb of Glenburn in the Up direction.

LJ's kits note they come up well with a bit of work, and that was my experience - they're both relatively inexpensive and do respond well to some work - here this includes reversing the sides for a plain finish, adding corrugated roofing, a cast chimney and wooden landing and stairs

She's placed on the other side of All Saints facing the lane.

Hope St is bridged by another VR girder bridge, this time smaller girders per prototype practice for smaller openings.

Less detail on the "other side" of the line, but still needs some attention.