May 7, 2013

1/3 of a House and some Shopping

Work on the scenery around the cutting has continued with the first house now complete, again this using mostly card with Tichy Trains windows and doors, and modelled quite closely on a property in Yarra Grove at the prototype location. I could only fit a relief building in the limited space but thought this better than just painting on the backscene in this location. Here's a couple of typical viewing lines:

In the above, Oops, I knocked the High Tension mast during works!

As mentioned before, if you're interested to read more about this current extension of "Glenburn" scenery, it's tabled in the Victorian Railways Forum here:
(You don't have to join it to read, however you will need to join it if you want to comment.)

Having seen some work with Adobe Photoshop in recent years, I was keen to have a go at seeing what was possible. I haven't built lights into "Glenburn" to date, and my backscenes aren't always as high as I would like for pictures (particularly as overhead stands high and requires alot of sky as backdrop!) so my first effort worked on these two aspects.

Here's the original shot: 

The below picture shows the result of my first session, mostly using the simple tools of darkening the picture, drawing in some lit windows, adding some spray painted smoke and clouds, then smudging to get it a bit more "real":

There's quite a bit written about the pros/cons of photoshopping particularly with identifying when it has been used with regard to prototype photography, however as far as I can tell, surprisingly little when it comes to model photography. For my part I reckon making a picture lighter or sharper is fine - ie. it doesn't alter the content of what we're showing -but when the picture is altered to improve the content it should be called out, and I will be doing so if I post any other pictures on this blog that are 'shopped.