April 18, 2012

Two E's on "Glenburn", for now.....

I have struggled for a bit getting used to modifying my PSM E Class as required to backdate it to the interwar period. The modification work isn’t difficult, the issue has been the gravitas of changing a pristine, excellent and rare model (100 produced). My solution was to find a second equivalent condition PSM E to provide an “insurance” while I make the changes to the first.

I have had feelers out for some time and have recently been lucky enough to find and acquire a second PSM E. Like the first it has excellent provenance being purchased from the original owner. Also like the first, it is in mint condition and actually appears to possibly never have been run, or perhaps even taken out of the box.

Once the conversion of the first E is complete, I will likely sell it. As such I am not using it and have test run it only to make sure it works – am happy to reports it runs as sweetly as the first.
Given the rarity of the circumstance, I thought it appropriate to set up the two for a photo session on “Glenburn” before I put it away for storage, two model E’s under wires is just something we’re unlikely to see too often it seems. The 2nd (new) E doesn’t have couplings so it is posed in the shafts.