June 13, 2013

A bit more polychrome, and some print

The second house up the cutting was generally based on that next door to the previous in Yarra Grove, this time having the polychromatic brickwork that is a feature of many older houses in Melbourne. The house was built up in Walthers styrene brick sheet with styrene, wood and etch detailing, the slate roofing again being approximated via Superquick sheet suitably weathered.

The picture below shows it now installed on the layout in a larger yard appropriate to this more wealthy area. My jury is still out on whether the tree at the fence is too large for this spot though I'm warming to it.

Completion of catenary through this area has opened up some new angles for photography also including that below.

As mentioned before, I detailed the build of this section of scenery in the Victorian Railways Forum:


While the layout is only about a 1/3rd complete, I was fortunate to have the layout featured in the June issue of Australian Model Railway Magazine (AMRM) as the first of three installments covering it. All I need to do for the other two installments is actually complete those sections!

Picture: Australian Model Railway Magazine

The AMRM team have done a great job of photographing and producing a diagram of the layout so I recommend it if you are interested in "Glenburn". AMRM has been kind enough to allow the layout to have some aspects covered by a couple of other articles to date if you want to read further:

* Victorian Railways in the Inter-war Years (mid 1920s-mid 1930s) - AMRM #285, December 2010

* A Double-layered Layout Room - AMRM #292, February 2012