February 25, 2012


I grew up in the Salvation Army and have strong family links with it of which I will always be proud. I have enormous respect for the Salvation Army both as a church and as a social outreach where they show Jesus love through works amongst the most needy. I decided some time ago to signify this through incorporating a Salvation Army Hall on "Glenburn", and here it is as the final large building in Faith St, appropriately placed amongst the working suburb of Glenburn between the terraces and industry. The building may look familiar to viewers and that is no surprise, it is modelled on but one of many Halls of similar style and architecture built throughout Australia during the significant growth of the Salvation Army under Commissioner James Hay in the early 20th Century. I based the model on the old Hall at Prospect in South Australia owing to family connections, however have had to compress it to fit the site. While a South Australian based prototype, the style was so typical it remains appropriate also for this part of Melbourne. Below is a picture of the Prospect Hall.

(Picture: Salvation Army Heritage Centre)
Below I have included some pictures during the build showing simple construction of a sheet brick and card base with layered styrene and card for detailing. Windows are all from Tichy, modified in some cases to fit the specifics of the building.