July 27, 2013

Some welcome visitors.

It's nice to be able to host other people's models on "Glenburn" for a spin across the rails. Peter Ennis and Iain Stuart dropped over again recently bringing and interesting selection of rolling stock. Peter is an excellent scratchbuilder and my average pictures don't do his work justice. The below are pictures of some of the items Peter brought:

 Two rare birds, the KM and IS, both of which were one offs.

Peter's J very nicely converted from an American kit

Peter's short Z, YZ and variations on the ZF here

Some nice tarpaulin work simulating the less commonly modelled oversize load. My basic camera failed to properly capture Peter's NN, a delicate and very nice rendition of the prototype.
By his own admission Peter is a fan of vans, and here is a bit of VR brass history, the one-off bogie ZZ produced some years ago by Precision Scale Models on the left, and a McBees (I think?) brass C van on the right.
If you're interested, "Glenburn" does occasionally host other prototypes, some of which can be seen on my "Other HO Modelling" page: