September 17, 2010

Figuratively speaking.....

I've lamented the apparent lack of interwar figures before in this Blog, however I recently found a supplier in Europe. Some of the figures are above, some will need repainting to dull them down a tad but I'm impressed overall. As such, I have finally been able to add some passengers to Glenburn, and replace the fruiterer who I've always thought looked a bit too modern. Signature elements for this period are full suits for chaps and cloche hats and low hemlines for ladies, and of course everyone wears a hat.

September 3, 2010

Strung Up!

Have extended the wiring a further section (only about 30 to go to circumnavigate the room...), this one a bit interesting in that it includes one of the crossovers between Up (left) and Dn (right) lines. As such I have strung a third catenary line between through the section covering the crossover.

September 2, 2010

Original Inspiration

Like any model railway, "Glenburn" had many inspirations preparatory to building. One of the more significant was inspired by a Rod Slogget photo of double swingdoor motors hauling a goods - a not-so-infrequent occurence during the interwar era. Here's such a train with two motors substituting for the regular electric loco which was called away....(I have'nt built it yet).