July 26, 2010

Behind the scenes.....

A change from the usual, a few pictures behind the scenes of Glenburn Operations:

A "Will-become-a-V-Class" on the Saturday afternoon Dn goods is held at a crossover as a D1 on the Up suburban pick-up goods crosses the Dn lines to the Up starting it's trip back to Melbourne.
The E and XYZ deputising as the breakdown train is stabled in Camberwell sidings as the crew go to work on the IA wagon nearest camera which dropped it's coupling while shunting in the yard.
Yard shunter E Class at work breaking up the weekend's goods workings, and reassembling them into new trains. I have established a sequencing pattern between the various goods services to ensure prototypical movement of wagons, continuing rotation of rollingstock, and that trains running on the layout have a reason for doing so. Low lighting is deliberate here simulating the nighttime shunting that used to take place in Melbourne yard. Passenger sets lay over between runs on 2 and 3 road.

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