June 18, 2011

Polychromatic finale.

The last open space in Hope St was big enough for a couple of terraces, so I built this pair to a typical Melbourne style. As can be seen in the "in build" shot above, the base building is double-bracketed styrene (I don't know this materials' real name - two ribbed sheets with seperating strips, often used for keeping papers flat). This is then overlaid with brick sheet, card and wood with putty to form where needed. Wall details are cut/shaped brickwork. Roofing is Superquick finished slate with a wash of dark brown to get it closer to the usual colour. Outbuildings and fencing are also scratchbuilt in wood and card. Painting includes representing the polychromatic brickwork that is such a feature of these terraces across the older suburbs of Melbourne, I chose one of the more "standard" patterns, not wanting to overplay the building's role in the street, but some of the prototypes showed excellent artwork in their application of various coloured bricks. I also decided to illustrate the use of better/finished dark brickwork for the frontis, with standard building brick for the remainder of the buildings. Windows are a combination of spares from the box and Grandt line, chimneys are modified Ian Lindsay. These two finish Hope St, might have a bit of a break before I start the next street......

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