August 12, 2011

Protection & Delivery.

Work on the Qualmann Warehouse precinct continues....The private siding serving the Warehouse joins the VR at the point visible here, which then joins the Dn main. As such, with wagons regularly stabled there, it needs the protection afforded in these situations. The above picture shows the derail arrangements, and also the backs of both the "End of wire" inverted star (a scale 50ft from end of wire per specification, for when the wiring arrives....), and the "Engines must not pass this board" sign which is immediately prior to the warehouse, below. I have'nt decided yet whether this derail is controlled by hand lever or from the box, hence the absence of this detail. My thanks to Phil Dunn for diagrams of the derail, and information from the VR Enthusiast forum regarding appropriate protection arrangements in suburban areas.
Beyond the excellent kits provided by the US maker Jordan, pickings are quite slim for interwar road vehicles, particularly trucks. Some exceptions were the excellent models made some years ago by Roskopf, a small German company. These models respond well to a bit of work, and look the part for the more traditional truck types of the era. While they have been out of production for quite a few years, they are still available from some of the 2nd hand sellers in Europe. The picture below shows the delivery truck following detailing (repaint, flush windscreens, removing one set of rear wheels, decalling, weathering) which will be parked outside the warehouse, with a comparative of an unmodified Roskopf truck.
Here she is "hooning" down Glenburn Rd at 30mph heading for the warehouse.

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