February 16, 2014

Finished before it started.....almost. Occasional notes hereon

Actually, by the time of my last post the rest I mentioned had been going a month and was just about to end! So much for accuracy in reporting.... the VR bug bites strong, and "Glenburn" modelling has been continuing at a pretty regular clip since then. The break did provide for reflection on this record of the layout - Initially I set the site up to share layout development and show the build from the first thinkings as there didn't seem to be many such records in the online world at that time. It also became a way to share my VR modelling with fellow VR enthusiasts, most of whom were interstate and unable to see it first hand. Since then however it has now been shared well here and through publication etc., and the skills and approaches used from here until completion of "Glenburn" will pretty much just be repeated as I work my way around the remainder of  the room. So from now I will just put in the occasional post if there is something I think noteworthy in the layout's development. I will continue to update the rolling stock section as items are added to the roster. As always, comments are welcome and if there is a particular interest or focus of the layout you would like to discuss, just contact me via here and I will try to help.

The picture shows an Up livestock extra working running the short wrong road section on the Dn Main to access the Main Yard. It's one of a set I took to celebrate having finally repainted my goods stock in authentic livery.

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