June 16, 2014

Social Media Frenzy

For 7 or 8 years I have used online capabilities to reach people in whose views I am interested, and who may be interested in my modelling, and overcome the distance from like minded modellers.  This site for example has been good for more "formal" updates however it hasn't endeared itself to 2 way discussion, with comments rather tricky to lodge. As such it has been more one-way than I would have liked - I get tired of my own voice! Similarly I have found discussions on forums sometimes a bit constrained (compared to email for example) - people seem to often treat discussion there quite carefully for reasons unknown. I have been a very late adopter of Facebook (FB) as a connection media, only starting to use it really this year for personal contact, and think it may be useful for modelling. So, I have set up a Group on FB, not to replace either this site or my participation in forums, but rather to add to it by focussing primarily on bits of the actual task of modelling (and its very many distractions....), rather than the end product as is often shown here. As importantly I hope it is a way to be able to more readily interact with other like-minded modellers. I wanted to keep the FB site as "Open" as I am no fan of the "Closed Shops" and the cliques and pretension that often seem to accompany them, not just in rail, but in any interest area. But having accidentally cc'd my non-rail friends on a day of rail chat (strangely they have other interests?), it seems making the group Closed is the best way to keep rail and non-rail matters apart unfortunately.

Here's a link to the site:


So, it does need you to join to see and contribute to it, I am sorry about that, but if you are interested further in my modelling journey whether Glenburn, Cudgewa, EBR or other etc., please just send me a request to join via FB. Your membership and inputs will be very welcome. All feedback is appreciated (unless nutty....). :^ )

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