November 30, 2015

Some Wandering

Regular followers may have picked up the absence from this Blog, initially to take a break from public modeling, but after encouragement from valued modeling friends, continuing via my Facebook group where there is far more scope for open discourse - much more interesting to me than just one way comms. The group is here and you're very welcome to join:
User Warning: Not all discussion and modeling on the FB group is VR interwar, you have been warned.

So, just posting up a couple of happenings during the year that were more fully covered there:

Trains kept running on Glenburn, though of late this has gone into stasis for the reasons outlined below regarding the change in location.

 As may be evident, I'm a fan of ground-level-as-you-were-there modeling photography, but occasionally an overhead is useful. Here 1100 has pulled up just in time to avoid overrunning the "end of wires" marker (in white) and has pulled back slightly to allow the shunter to uncouple.

A running session that included new visitor Bill Bolton saw him stretching his black E's legs on Glenburn providing the rather rare scene above of three of VR's finest. Bill's is the single loco with still red buffer beam.

A very kind gift from Phil Dunn of his exquisitely researched and produced Auscision  L class enabled some VR blue and gold to be seen under wires. Typically I only use later liveries for the cleaning train as, frankly, there's quite enough blue & gold getting around. But for this piece of modeling goodness an exception had to be made!

And finally, an overview of the "Cudgewa Room" as present, but soon not to be. A growing family means "Glenburn" will need to be relocated to a new room to be built next year. So this will change. The dimensions of the new room are close but not exact and hence I will need to either lengthen or cut/shut "Glenburn". As such I have stopped further scenic work pending - no point building out only to then break it up.

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