January 6, 2019

The next step is off the wharf....

Commenced work over the Christmas/New Year break on the next section of Glenburn which will resemble parts of Melbourne city rather than the suburbs. Key elements are a (reduced) Spencer St viaduct, a small section of the late Fish and general Markets and a wharf on the Yarra such as those at the previous Queens Wharf and Australia Wharf. First job are the baseboards which are done again with Marine Ply atop cedar ladder framing, back scene boards and something a bit different - a diagonal extension across the layout of the back scene to help separate the suburban from the city section - works from many but not all angles, but is the best I can do in this limited space. Some pictures of these works follow and as always, more detail of the build and Glenburn updates can be found at this Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AndrewCollierModellingHOVictorian/
Suburban "side" of the scenic break.
Scenic break before repainting and bridging.
The double track on the right will be the reduced-viaduct, the lower section the wharf and ahead in the distance the extension toward the Mid Circle Line 

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