January 30, 2020

Same, same but different.... & Wharf progress

Just a note on location of the layout, something some spend a long time wording up, but that's not really my thing. In brief, the suburban section of "Glenburn" has representative elements and traffics of Glenferrie, Auburn, Hawthorn and Deepdene, the city section has representative elements of the area around the now-removed Queens Wharf area and so is located somewhere around there. A great gift of recent years is the digitising of earlier era directories so I can show this approximation appropriately....
Both courtesy of the State Library of Victoria, and for fun, here's the cover of the edition I used - 1926:
In the meantime, work continues on the Yarra Wharf area, the paving, track and wharf frontage having been completed, attention turns to trying to convert one of those overtly European kits into something much more Melbourne-ish. A few more layers to go beyond the base shaping and styrene here, but the bones seem right so far.

As always, more detail on these developments via the Australian Finer Scale Page where I keep a more regular presence if you're interested:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/AndrewCollierModellingHOVictorian/

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