February 17, 2013

Forum outpaces Blog!

Way back in June last year I included in a post (http://vrlatestupdates.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/minor-setback-progress-and-some.html) some work on extending Glenburn's scenery to the next "section". This work has progressed since then, albeit a bit sporadically as I have interspersed some rolling stock building, some research, distraction from other prototypes, the usual myriad of modelling distractions! Anyway.....it has actually progressed and I have tabled both a detailed background to the build, and the steps along the way in a yarn on the Victorian Railways Forum to which I attend. Having worked on that I forgot to update the Blog accordingly, so here is how the scene looks today......

If you're interested to read about the thinking behind it and follow the step-by-step it's tabled in the Victorian Railways Forum here:
You don't have to join it to read, however you will need to join it if you want to comment.

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