March 27, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday "Glenburn"

For some reason I have kept a diary of my modelling for both "Cudgewa" and "Glenburn" as well as some other modelling. Having a look back at the Glenburn diary, I realised that while I built a couple of items of rolling stock in 2006, layout building began in 2008 and hence it is 5 years since I started this layout, the starting entry being:

Following tidying up and reformatting the Cudgewa room, set up two supports for the Inner East Suburban layer, and have since laid out and built a baseboard for Glenburn station (the first module), and commenced measuring and lining out the tracks and station. Also last night commenced some of the under-gear for the Motor."

Celebrations aside, distractions from "Glenburn" continue both of non-era and non-VR modelling and also of the household variety, our recent painting of half the rooms in our house led to the "Cudge Room" being near full of pictures, toys and and trinkets we needed to have out of the way! But I did keep enough space around the modelling desk to keep it useful of course. :^ ) Nonetheless the extension of scenery has continued since the last post with a couple of midweek sessions adding the next layer onto the area underway - ground cover and ballast, so it looks a bit more like Melbourne and a bit less like the moon:

One thing that hasn't been interupted by distractions but was stopped by the house painting is train running. Usually confined to the larger goods workings, I gave the V a chance to stretch its legs on the Up Country Pass, a working that will become far more common once I build some stock.

As per last post, there is more detail on what's going on here on the Victorian Railways forum:

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