October 27, 2013

The Box - Goodbye Femininity!

Regular followers of the Blog and my rabitting on elsewhere will be aware that the presence of a real (black) boxcab E Class on "Glenburn" has been some time coming. Finally I took the plunge and backdated it in details and via a repaint from the effeminate blue/gold (see: http://vrsuburbanrollingstock.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/electric-loco-box-cab-e-class.html) to the incomparable all black.Hence I got a bit carried away with photographing it's first revenue run......


  1. It seems odd being black. Couldn't you have stuck with the good old blue and gold? .. well knowing your aims for Glenburn it will stay black.

    What are your thoughts on weathering?

  2. I heartily think you're pulling my leg Iain? :^ ) If not, box cabs spent 2/3rds of their life black before being innapropriately prettied up in blue/gold. So, the perspective is wrong, they're odd being blue/gold, a scheme that ill-suited them at best.

    Nb. I used to like blue/gold far more than I do now, I have grown tired with the over-representation and truth be told, hubris that often seems to accompany it. There is so very much more to the VR - blue/gold (apart from a very few special trains) existed for around 30+ years of the VR's 124 year history and yet comprises (very guess) >97% of all VR modelling.

    On weathering, I weather wagons from light to hard, coaching stock lightly and locomotives quite lightly. The box cab is weathered mostly below the solebar, on the roof and very very lightly on the body. Weathering patterns varied and the black showed working stains quite well, particularly the run-off of dirt etc. from the roof. I decided mine would be a little fresher from the works.


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