October 1, 2013

Welcome Phil Dunn & a couple of his models

One aspect of modelling an earlier era such as with "Glenburn" is there is only a limited number of people that are actually able to contribute accurate information for it. Unlike the 70s/80s where every man and his dog seems to have an opinion or recollection, for the 1920s/30s there have been less than a handful who have been able to contribute expertise, so I am very thankful to them for their help and am happy to be able to call them friends. It was therefore great to be able to host Phil Dunn who dropped in for dinner and a session on "Glenburn" recently. Looking across Glenburn, Phil's hand is throughout much of the layout rolling stock be it information he has provided for kits, for the Precision Scale Models RTR, or for many of my own scratchbuilds. Readers may be aware Phil has been a long time proponent of VR and its accurate modelling and author of numerous articles that have become referenceable. Passionate about providing the most accurate information on his subject matter, Phil has been involved behind the scenes of much of the manufactured output of Victorian models over the last two decades. As far as I have seen where he is involved, to the extent the manufacturing process has allowed, the models are right, and this is a great service to modellers of the VR. Thank you Phil!

With Phil Dunn in the "Cudgewa Room"

Phil was also kind enough to bring along three different versions of PSM's recent A2 Class so "Glenburn" had the rare chance to run some of these VR standards and that, given the rarity of the PSM models, provide scenes that may never be repeated here.



  1. nice shot of you and Phil! Thanks for the photos.

  2. Thanks Shelton, it was a good night and the A2s are exquisite and run beautifully. A sensational model from PSM. I have a BGM kit so won't purchase one but have been tempted. Cheers, Andrew


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