March 11, 2020


The next section to build out is the road/overbridge which is based on that area where Flinders St extended under and beyond the Spencer St viaduct, just past the base of Spencer St. Details differ so take it as trying to capture the "vibe" of the area, as our modelling often does. The section is tricky to work in with restricted hand space, so I built the roadway and retaining walls as an insert on a thin sheet of styrene away from the layout and having completed it sufficiently have attached it into the section. This method has its drawbacks - the scenery is not as solid as build straight to board, but worked well in the instance. Nb. The surfaces are per prototype as far as I can tell from the evidence (alternate views welcome), the VR bluestone pitcher paved the "Fishmarkets branch" as it was with screenings as infill, the roadway way also paver based but in most pictures has a layer of fine dirt, perhaps pressed surface to make it smoother, hence the brown colouring. Sometime toward the end my era it appears to have been tarmac'd taking away this appearance, perhaps in line with the extension of Spencer St across the bridging of the Yarra near here.
Plan: PROV.

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