July 27, 2020

In arrears on the Blog.....

So much for keeping this more up to date, I meant well.... The markets area has progressed since last with addition of some detailing, vehicles (by Hauler, Matchbox-modified & Wespe - modified) and a couple of chaps chewing the cud. Backscene also complete, a Rembrandt I am not but hopefully conveys the look. I have also formed and attached the portals and will either ballast/trackbed detail next or wait until the next scene is also done. As always, more recent updates are posted here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AndrewCollierModellingHOVictorian/

Nb. No, the "Kerang & Koondrook" style Sentinel will not work here, the VR held the contract for these sidings, and in any case the spark arrestor wouldn't clear the bridge! I just posed it for the "2 Sentinels" proximity shot.

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